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Oakville, Ontario (Town)

Canada is a country in the northern half of North America. It is the 2nd largest country in the world in area, after Russia, and has the longest coastline of any country in the world, being next to the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic Oceans. Canada has the highest mountain range in the whole world. Around 30 million people live in Canada's ten provinces and three territories. Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

Oakville is a town on lake Ontario in southern Ontario in Canada, midway between Toronto and Hamilton. Oakville is part of the Greater Toronto area metropolitan community. The population was 155,700 according to 2004 census. Oakville's planning department divides it into 12 areas called communities. These divisions have little to do with politics and are based on traditional neighborhoods. Oakville's communities are old Oakville. They are located in south central Oakville along the shore of lake Ontario. It is the original Oakville settlement and is centered on Oakville Harbour.
Oakville has a long history of sporting, especially in ice hockey. They have had their very own professional women's hockey team since 2003. The city also has its own very successful Junior B lacrosse team that just won the Founders Cup as National Champions. Oakville's soccer club is also the largest in Canada. Oakville's first industries included ship building, timber shipment, and wheat farming. The town eventually became industrialized with the opening of the Petro Canada refinery, the Procor factory and the Ford Motor Company. Recently the city has undergone major improvements. It has become a popular destination for tourism.

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