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Holiday Dog Bite Prevention Tips and Public Service Announcements for Radio

Campbellville, ON (PRWEB) December 22, 2005 -- Visiting family and friends is part of the holiday season. Changes in routines, crowded rooms, unattended food and excited children can often lead to miscommunication between the resident dog and guests. Doggone Safe offers tips to keep kids and dogs safe over the holidays.

Doggone Safe holiday public service announcements give the following tips:

1. Celebrations at Grandma’s house over the holidays are the stuff of fond memories. Noisy gatherings can make Grandma’s dog very anxious. Even the most docile pet may bite if provoked. Supervise and visit to learn more.

2. Ho! Ho! Ho! A man in a red suit coming down the chimney may be very scary for the family dog. More dog bites occur during holiday times than any other time of the year. Supervise and visit to learn more about keeping kids and Santa safe around dogs.

3. Did you know that dogs talk to us all time? Parents, if you see the half moon of white in your dog’s eye when kids are around, intervene before an accident happens. Visit to learn more about how to speak dog and prevent biting accidents this holiday season.

4. Did you know that dogs talk to us all the time? A happy dog pants and wags his tail. A scared dog has his mouth closed and holds his tail between his legs, he may even be wagging it or backing away. Give a scared dog his space, he might be scared enough to bite or growl to get you to go away.

5. Did you know that dogs talk to us all the time? A happy dog pants and wags his tail. A bossy dog stands tall, leaning forward with his ears forward, his mouth closed and his tail held as high as he can get it. This dog does not want to meet you, he wants you to leave his place and his stuff alone.

6. Did you know that most dog bites to children are by a family pet in someone’s home and that hugging the dog is a common cause if these bites? Dogs warn before they bite and you can learn to speak dog and recognize the signs of a dog that is tolerating, but not enjoying attention from a child. Keep kids and dogs safe this holiday season, watch for signs of anxiety in the dog and intervene if you see them.

7. Noisy gatherings, changes in routines and excited children may stress and overwhelm even the most docile dog. Keep holiday celebrations in homes with dogs safe by thinking ahead.

8. Dog bites occur during holiday times more then any other time of the year. Make this year different by learning helpful tips to keep you and your loved ones doggone safe this holiday season.

These dog bite prevention PSAs are being aired in several areas in the US this holiday season.

Doggone Safe is making these PSAs and tips available for download from its website to help raise awareness of the steps to take to ensure a safe and happy holiday for kids and dogs.

About Doggone Safe

Doggone Safe is a non-profit corporation registered in Canada, Ontario and New York State with offices in Canada the US and Australia. Doggone Safe’s mandate includes dog bite prevention education and dog bite victim support. Educational seminar programs offered by Doggone Safe are Be a Tree™ (for school-aged children), Be Doggone Smart at Home™ (for parents), Be Doggone Smart with Your New Baby™ (for expectant parents) and Be Doggone Smart at Work™ (for workers who come into contact with dogs on the job).

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