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The Adventures of Elijah and his Guardians

Elijah Hawke may appear to be a typical kid going through typical problems but appearances are almost always deceiving. Born the reincarnation of a Master Magician, Eli is hunted by rival magic users and demons alike. Together with his two Faery Guardians, Eli must learn the ways of magic and discover that true power comes from within himself.

(PRWEB) December 23, 2005 -- War has been brewing within the magic realm for countless centuriesin an endless battle for power. Now that war has entered the twenty-first century. Every generation produces at least one master magician more powerful than all others, and that magician has the power to transfer his gifts to the incarnation. That power has been passed to Eli, a hybrid of human and fey, who wants nothing more than to be normal. Hunted by rival magic users and demons alike, he has spent his life in hiding…until now.

M.J. Spickett brings together her first three novels in this whirlwind adventure into the darker side of magic.

Raven’s Child: Magic has always been a way of life for eleven year old, Elijah Hawke, but too much magic can be just as deadly as any drug; and for Eli it is. With the death of his parents and his magic becoming out of control, he must rely on his Watcher and faery Guardians to find the missing half of his soul. With memories of Eli’s past life forcing their way into the present, they will travel to a land he has only seen in his dreams and discover the secret to his being.

Windows to the Soul: Life is not easy for any teenager, but for seventeen year old Elijah Hawke it is an utter nightmare. Born with unfathomable magical powers, Eli is trying to cope with the loss of half his gifts and desperately wishes to be like a normal teen. Frustrated with his life he accepts a deal with a strange Priestess who seems to know more about him and his past life than even his Watcher does. But it is a deal that may very well cost him his life when the Priestess tries to use him to call forth the Chaos demon. It’s up to Eli’s faery Guardian, Selena Hawke, to find a way to rescue her wayward charge and show him the importance of the people he has taken for granted, including himself.

Chaos Within: Living in a new home and a new town was supposed to offer seventeen year old Elijah Hawke a chance at a new beginning. For once in his life everything is perfect, or so it would seem. Nightmares haunt Eli every night as visions attack him during his waking hours, memories of a battle barely won only five months earlier that are feeding an unspeakable evil. But when a rival magician comes to Ravenwood, things go from bad to worse. This magician is hell bent on making Eli his, body, mind, and soul. Eli finds himself trapped between two powerful forces, and whichever wins-Eli is their prize.

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