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Little Video Goes to College

Family produced, informational RV video is implemented into curriculum of State Technical College after only one year in circulation.

Dogpound, Alberta (PRWEB) February 9, 2006 -- RV Walk-Thru, the little video designed to help RVers, is pleased to announce its part in the RV Technician training program at the Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas.

Terry Cooper, instructor of the program, has this to say: "I wanted to reach out and share with you the impact that your video, RV Walk-Thru, has had on our training program.

We (at TSTC) have a one year program where we take folks from all walks of life and (train) them to become Recreational Vehicle Maintenance Technicians. One of the more difficult things we encounter in our teaching process is getting everyone on the same page technically. Many have limited working knowledge of RVs and your video allows us to speed up the learning curve for them. (The layout) allows me easy access to the subject matter we are training on. We can (then) build the instructional lessons and hands-on labs from there. Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to seeing the next edition of the RV Walk-Thru!"

The RV Walk-Thru was officially released to the RV universe in February 2005. Its purpose is to help RVers - both new and experienced - learn HOW things work on RVs and how to properly use the RV accessories. This saves time, money and frustration by enabling the RVer to diagnose, and possibly correct, problems on his own before seeking professional help.

The video is entirely a family effort being produced and hosted by veteran RV Technician, Tim Collard, his wife Sherry, and filmed and edited by son, CJ.

The high quality of this 72 minute video and the caliber of the information it contains has yet to be equaled by any other production currently on the market. And the humor throughout is definitely family rated!

This month marks the first anniversary of the production and the RV Walk-Thru has been heartily embraced by the RVing public. The fact that it is playing a part in turning out the qualified RV Techs of the future is an honor of immeasurable proportions!

About Tim Collard and the RV Walk-Thru:

Tim is a professional RV technician of more than a decade. He operates a much-in-demand mobile RV Service company serving western North America. Although the business is going strong, Tim has chosen to devote a portion of his time to passing on his knowledge and expertise, via the RV Walk-Thru, in response to the RV enthusiast's need for solid, reliable information.

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