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External Buttons Added to the Veypor Line Up

Ottawa, ON Canada (PRWEB) February 9, 2006 -- Nonlinear Engineering Inc. announced today that it has just launched the Veypor External Buttons (VXB) add-on to the Veypor Line of Products. The VXB replicates the functions of the Veypor and VR2 menu and enter buttons and places them at your fingertips. The unique handlebar mounted buttons and aluminum bracket make using the Veypor safer and more fun.

The VXB positions directly under your thumb so that you can quickly and accurately trigger runs, activate features and navigate menus. You can queue up a quarter mile run, change lap timing settings and save a completed run without ever having to take your hands off the handlebars.

With the VXB you can accurately trigger lap times using the Button Triggered mode. This saves the cost of infra-red transmitting and receiving electronics while still providing lap times accurate to within 10ths of a second.

The VXB works in conjunction with the Veypor with Sportvue HUD and Veypor Infra-Red Lap Timer add-ons so you can use any or all of them together. It comes with everything required to install and mount it in minutes and the buttons make a unique modification to any bike.

The Veypor External Buttons is on-sale now as an add-on to the existing Veypor product.

About Nonlinear Engineering Inc.

Nonlinear Engineering Inc. was established in 2002 to provide performance measurement electronics for motorcycle enthusiasts. NLE works closely with the motorcycling community to continually provide riders with the best product features, quality and value.

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