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Rejuvenate Your Relationship with a Romantic Adventure

Romance doesn't have to happen on Valentine's Day... nor is it restricted to a gift of flowers and chocolates. Couples seeking something fun and new can take advantage of Romance Packages on offer at nearby accommodations, making it ideal for a quick romantic getaway.

(PRWEB) February 9, 2006 -- Every year there’s a flurry of activity just before Valentine’s Day, with couples trying to find something special to give to their loved ones. Romance, however, need not be a scheduled affair, nor does it need to mean flowers, chocolates, or dinner at a restaurant. Some hotels, resorts, and other accommodations take extra pride in catering to romance-seekers by offering fun, romantic, and unique packages year-round.

“Sometimes a change in scenery can help you escape from the demands of daily life and instead lets you concentrate on one another,” says Greg Lynch, account manager at and a firm believer in the importance of reconnecting as a couple. “Memories are meant to last a lifetime, and getting away from it all helps couples relax and create memories they’ll treasure.” When planning a romantic getaway:

? Ask what types of romance packages are available. Even if a hotel doesn’t normally offer one, they may be able to put one together for you. Find out what’s included: breakfast in bed, dinner, champagne or chocolates, an in-room fireplace or jacuzzi, a romantic packed lunch, a night at the theatre, and so on.

? If there’s an activity, item, or amenity that you really want, ask if it can be included in the package or whether the hotel can assist you in making the appropriate arrangements.

? Try to book in advance if possible. There may be a limited number of “honeymoon suites” available, and making reservations well ahead of time can help you ensure you get the type of room and service you’re looking for.

? Consider something new! Think about dog-sledding, for instance, or a romantic horseback ride (or horse-drawn carriage ride), or take a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain and enjoy a packed lunch while enjoying the views.

? If you’re planning a surprise for your sweetie, be sure to provide an alternate means of contact so that the hotel can reach you without ruining the surprise.

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