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Online Business Automation: What Does it Mean for You

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 8, 2006 -- The Prosperity Automated System, for the first time in business opportunity history, provides "Balance of Power" to everyone who joins, says Yaakov Cohen, an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.

Anyone can be successful with the Prosperity Automated System no matter what their circumstance, he says, because this is the first truly automated online home-based business for everyone.

"After taking a look at the business model and talking to the CEO himself Bill Osterhout as well as the PAS leaders doing my own investigative work with the Better Business Bureau on the Prosperity Network Inc. plus discovering that this company had not even had one complaint registered with the BBB I have come to my conclusion. This is the real deal."

PAS had the following to say: We have found that one of the greatest points of failure in any home business is the inability to find qualified prospects. You spend an endless amount of time and money calling, qualifying, and talking with people who are not interested or are simply curious. Add to this the fact that most people are not sales people. Therefore we believe that everyone will have success with the PAS system unlike other business opportunities where we have found that it is very hard to duplicate efforts and that their is a growing number of people wanting to be involved with something that anybody can do and have success with.
The purpose of this system is to totally eliminate each and every failure point in the home business arena. There is no Prospecting, no phone calls, no explaining, no answering questions, and no chasing down friends and family. There are Team Leaders who take care of all of those aspects and that is what the beautiful thing about this program is, having your own highly skilled sales staff that will do all the explaining, follow up and answer all the questions so that the customer can live their life and enjoy family time and still make the amount of money you desire.

The Prosperity Automated System can also be used to market any work at home program, or business opportunity. It can be used successfully to market any company you wish if you are currently with one or PAS can be your company that you choose to promote.

Some of the programs that we have seen work very well with the Prosperity Automated System have been Coastal Vacations, Emerald Passport, Eventis, Xango and Liberty League, just to name a few. Virtually any MLM, business opportunity, or money making program can be successfully marketed through this system. Don't forget that the system markets itself and you can make a massive amount of money by letting it do just that.

What separates PAS from the pack you might ask? well the answer is PAS Leaders , and Search engine marketing at its finest. Once the customer has his/her system running their website is added to a rotation and every time someone clicks on the rotation a PAS owner is credited for the visitor. With hundreds of millions of people online looking for a home based business let alone an automated one, the customer has a turnkey automated online business system.

By using Search Engine Technology the PAS 'Automatic Prospector' finds qualified prospects with keywords that business opportunity seekers use worldwide who are looking for a home based business or an internet marketing solution for what they are currently selling. The system then goes to work and sorts through these prospects to get rid of all of those “tire kickers.” When a qualified prospect successfully inputs all of their information, a Team Leader will then follow up with the prospect, answer all of their questions, and make all the necessary arrangements. The Team Leader then notifies the owner of that PAS system and the money is on its way.
Success can be achieved passively or actively. If the customer chooses to do this passively, the company has traffic packs available to everyone that owns one of these systems to drive targeted traffic to the site. If the customer wants to be somewhat active they can do some online and offline marketing to promote their system, however it is not necessary to be successful. I will say this, it never hurts to have additional visitors going through your site on a regular basis. Regardless of this, PAS leaders will provide support to the customer no matter what their goals and activity level.

Simply purchase the system and average $3,000.00 per sale over and over again. With a 100% money back guarantee, it's not a bad day at the office.

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