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High Risk ACH Checking Accounts For International, U.S. and Canadian Merchants

Liberty Enterprises Inc. announces ACH processing for domestic and international merchants.

(PRWEB) February 8, 2006 -- The ACH gateway will allow web site owners to accept payments from their customers by enabling the funds to be debited directly from the customer’s bank account. This eliminates the need for a credit card, which is convenient for the consumer and an excellent payment vehicle for the merchant. There are fewer underwriting requirements than are normally requested by merchant credit card applications.

"A large percentage of the U.S. population does not own or use a credit card, making it impossible for them to buy products over the Internet," says Richard Price, senior associate at Liberty Enterprises Inc.

The Liberty Enterprises ACH gateway will also allow merchants to process electronic checks, guaranteed checks, web checks, check collections and checks-by telephone.

ACH checks can be used for outbound/inbound telemarketing, mail/phone orders, catalogue sales, re-occurring billing, travel, tobacco-cigar/cigarettes, MLMs, and pharmaceuticals.
International merchants, including Canadian merchants, will be able to process U.S. ACH checks. U.S. bank accounts are required for International merchants, which Liberty Enterprises can arrange for merchants. Unlimited ACH check volume will also be offered to merchants.

" Lastly we now have an excellent ACH virtual terminal for single transactions, batch uploads and re-occurring billing for e-commerce merchants. API is also available,” says Richard Price.

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