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Corn Stoves a Myopic Patch?

Though cleaner burning that wood, and currently using a lower-cost fuel, the corn stove should not be regarded as a permanent solution to dependence on foreign oil. Do short term savings on the heating bill entail increasing famine risk in the long term?

(PRWEB) January 9, 2006 -- With some people saying they can heat their home all winter with just $400 worth of corn, the corn-stove market is in a boom cycle.

As with any energy technology, corn stoves have a downside as well.

Since some vital functions such as the auger and fan are electricity-dependent, these will fail during power outages. The fire may escape the burner, smoldering up through the auger and into the hopper, leading to serious smoke damage of the home, if the occupants are away.

Added demands on the agricultural resources creates competition with the food chain, where soil depletion is already a major issue.

Not tolerant to moisture like wood is, corn requires indoor storage to maintain its essential dryness.

Overall, corn stoves seem to be contra-indicated, even during an energy crunch.

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