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Teltronics Inc. to Deliver Esnatech Embedded Fax as Pure Software Solution

Teltronics to launch Esnatechs’ soft fax solution solution for their 20-20 platform on the Telephony Office-LinX product.

Sarasota, Florida, USA (PRWEB) January 8, 2006 -- Teltronics (OTCBB: TELT), a global manufacturer of IP PBX systems, announced today it would release Telephony Office-LinX version 6.5 which includes embedded soft fax solution for their 20-20 PBX. Esnatech, a leader in Unified Communications platforms, will integrate its embedded fax services into Teltronics unified communications platform - Telephony Office-LinX Enterprise Edition. This enables Teltronics to deliver a soft fax solution to its enterprise customers, eliminating the need for dedicated fax hardware and dramatically lowering the cost to deploy fax services.

Organizations will receive and handle fax documents directly from their e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook™, providing them with the ability to seamlessly collaborate fax content as if it were any other office document. With the release of soft fax for the 20-20, organizations can seamlessly edit, manage and collaborate faxes easily with other users through e-mail, securely access faxes with total privacy, store and manage fax documents within e-mail folders, store and save critical signed fax documents on your computer or network drive for document archiving, and integrate fax within an organization’s CRM environment by delivering the documents directly into an organization’s data network with no manual intervention.

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“The Telephony Office-LinX unified communications application, developed by Esnatech, is the central hub for an organization’s messaging and communications network,” says Pat Keever, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Teltronics. “The Soft Fax release eliminates the need for fax hardware and instantly detects and distinguishes between voice and fax calls which allow organizations to integrate fax seamlessly into their communications network at a fraction of the cost associated to legacy fax architecture.”

When integrated with the 20-20 Telephony platform, organizations can implement a complete software application over their existing IP network simply by adding software to the Telephony Office-LinX communications solution. As fax continues to be a major component of business messaging, with Teltronics’ release of the Telephony Office-LinX Soft Fax solution, organizations can easily integrate fax into their data network with no complicated configurations or costly hardware purchases. Esnatech's soft fax solution delivers fax directly into an organization’s voice network by simply adding the software services to the Telephony Office-LinX platform!

Teltronics and Esnatech have developed communication solutions that are tightly integrated with network messaging environments such as Lotus DominosTM, Novell GroupWiseTM, MS ExchangeTM, Microsoft Office, and OutlookTM. Users can manage through Active/LDAP Directory and Group Policy. This new fax development will provide a fax solution, scalable from a small office to a multi-national enterprise.

Teltronics, Inc. is a global provider of communications solutions. Digital Switching Systems provides converged communications for businesses of all sizes and government. Teltronics’ Enhanced 911 solutions provide lifesaving information to public safety communications centers. Our Contact Center solutions - software, services and support - provide for effective management of customer interactions. The Intelligent Systems Management product line is an industry leader in fault monitoring and mediation for both voice and datacom applications. All products are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2000 certified factory and we serve as a contract manufacturing partner for customers both domestically and internationally.
Founded in 1989, Esnatech’s mission is to provide communication solutions that are simply the best way to communicate! Esnatech solutions empower organizations by giving them the flexibility to conduct business at any time, from anywhere, so they can manage the information they need, when they need it. Esnatech markets and distributes their products through OEM and VAR partners in more than 28 countries worldwide.

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