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Rent Advertisements in a Young Entrepreneur’s Room

(PRWEB) January 8, 2005 - For so long, internet advertising has seemed to be in a slump for creativity. It has always been the same old types and sizes whether it’s those flashy banners, or annoying pop-ups. But now a new more creative advertising has emerged.

Patrick Hankinson, a young entrepreneur from Nova Scotia, Canada has promised that he would place advertisements in his bedroom to help him raise enough money so he could start his own business, without going through the hassle of taking out loans and finding investors.

The website ( shows Patrick’s room constantly being updated with the new advertisements. The unique twist of this type of advertising is anyone who physically enters his room can see all the advertisements, as well as visit the website online and view the advertisements online via the pictures of his room.

According to Patrick, “I have always had a very entrepreneurial orientated mind. I’ve run almost every internet business from selling computers, web hosting, and computer reviewing websites. At one point my computer reviewing website was receiving close to 1 million visitors a month. I also had a video game published with Xtreme Games LLC. Currently, I am partnered with the owner of  and run a website called Gold Maker. I am trying just to raise enough money so I could start my own business and give others the opportunity to make money through my website.” has an affiliate system built in it, allowing anyone else to earn some extra money by helping Patrick sell his bedroom advertisements.

“Being actively involved in running my own internet websites, for quite some time now, I understand the huge potential of making money whether it’s online or offline, but I also understand the amount of money that goes into creating a successful company. This is why I created this website, to help me raise enough money to start my own company, hopefully before my 18th birthday without getting investors, or taking out huge loans!”

But like most other teenagers he does have one mention in terms and conditions. “I also can't guarantee my room to always been clean, so bare with me.”

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