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Established Website Sells Pixel Ads on Ebay

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) January 7, 2006 --, a site developed six years ago by a 17 year old young entrepreneur is now auctioning a limited quantity of pixel ad space on ebay. Graphic banner advertising is nothing new to the internet but pixel advertising is new. Company logos/images will be advertised in the pixel ad space purchased on the homepage of the established teen portal,

You may have never heard the term “pixel advertising” before Alex Tew, a young entrepreneur from UK came up with this idea to pay for his university fees. He came up with the idea to sell pixel ad space on the is taking pixel advertising to the next level by integrating it on an established content based teen portal. These pixel ads will be displayed on the homepage for the next two years. Unlike newly launched pixel ad sites, has taken this slightly different angle to attract businesses looking to advertise on popular websites that offer targeted traffic. Content based popular websites will continue to have visitors even after the media stops coverage about this new form of advertisement.

This young entrepreneur who maintained the website for the past six years is about to enter into higher education. The money generated through this pixel ad sale will go toward maintaining this website to help many other teens that will follow her foot steps.

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