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TVM Building Products Unveils New Reflective House

ACTON, ON (PRWEB) January 16, 2006 -- TVM Building Products announced today the introduction of rFOIL™ Reflective Ruff Rap - the next generation in house wrap technology. This revolutionary new product offers the construction industry a strong weather-resistant barrier with the added benefit of 96% reflectivity, an R-3.8 value (ASHRAE Handbook: 1997 Fundamentals), and a Perm. Rating of 22.

rFOIL™ RRR is a single layer of 99.9% pure aluminum foil laminated to a 6 mil layer of polyethylene and pin perforated. This results in a house wrap that acts not only as a superior air infiltration barrier, effectively sealing up cracks or gaps in the external sheathing, but it also adds a radiant barrier to the exterior of the home blocking up to 96% of radiant heat. This results in better year round efficiency and comfort levels.

“TVM’s Reflective Ruff Rap product will not only enhance home comfort, but also significantly save on energy cost. The product has had high interest from builders and homeowners because we are able to achieve higher energy savings without adding additional cost to the building. We are expecting tremendous results from this new product launch,” said Mike Boulding, President of TVM Building Products.

This product is available in 54” x 100' rolls, and is available from TVM’s distributors and dealers throughout North America.

About TVM Building Products:

TVM Building Products is a leading provider of Energy Saving and Building Sealing solutions worldwide. A leader in the reflective insulation and silicone sealant industries, TVM’s product families include rFOIL™ Insulation, NuFlex Silicone Sealants, Firestops, Polyurethane Foams, Fillers and Floor Underlayment. Established in 1997, the company’s continued business growth stems from its committed sales team, international distribution centers and tailored marketing solutions for its partners.

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