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Do You Know About the New Services That Ladybug Homeschool Offers?

Ladybug Homeschool supplies has gone through some very significant changes these past few months. Not only has the stocked items increased to over 35,000 items, Ladybug now also offers numerous free services to their homeschool customers.

Okotoks, Alberta (PRWEB) January 16, 2006 -- Ladybug Homeschool Supplies is an online homeschool supply store located in the heart of Alberta, Canada. The store was started by the homeschool parents of three students. The reason for starting Ladybug Homeschool was to make homeschooling materials more readily available to homeschooling parents.

"We wanted to give homeschool parents a chance to find all their educational needs in one place. Often times educational sites focus only on one type of curriculum, where Ladybug Homeschool provides a wide range of curriculum choices. Most homeschool parents spend most of their evenings and weekends on shopping for books and good quality educational materials that allign with their state/provincial standards. Ladybug Homeschool store makes it easy for parents to just hand over that responsiblity to our professional staff. This provides for more quality time with their kids" explains Mrs. Annanie Pang, founder of Ladybug Homeschool Supplies.

In the past 6 months, Ladybug Homeschool Supplies has definitely changed it's face. The complete look and feel of the site has changed and is now more user friendly than ever.

Probably one of the biggest changes so far is the fact that more than 35,000 new items were added to their inventory. This inventory consists of stock from over 300 different manufacturers including, Little Tikes, Ingram Books, Scholastic, Teacher Created Resources, Alpha Omega, etc.

One of the other great features of Ladybug Homeschool Supplies is that they will create a custom curriculum that is suitable for your child. This curriculum is based on the state/province you live in, age of the child, abbilities of the child, interests, religious or non-denominational materials, etc. No other homeschool supply store provides this service absolutely free. This service also includes a print-out of how the chosen curriculum will allign with your state/provincial standards.

Some of the other free services that Ladybug Homeschool offers are:
1. Free gift reminder e-mail service. If you have an anniversary, birthday, reunion or any other occassion to remember, they will remember it for you. All you have to do is fill out the form and Ladybug Homeschool will send you a reminder e-mail before the big event.
2. Free homeschool information kit. This will be mailed to your house with all the information you might need to make for a successful homeschool year. This kit also inlcudes activities for your children.
3. An opportunity for homeschool parents to generate an extra monthly income by owning their own homeschool store online. As a homeschool store owner you will not need to ship any products or deal with wholesalers. You will just rake in the money.
4. Free online games, homeschool links and worksheets for children and parents.
5. Free newsletter that will help you save on your homeschool supplies and will also provide you with helpful homeschooling information.
6. Ladybug Homeschool also offers a loyalty program where you will receive points for every purchase you make. These points can then be redeemed toward products on the site.
7. Free online help and consulting service for first time visitors and free online help for repeat visitors.

Ladybug Homeschool Supplies would like to welcome everyone to try out their new, customer friendly site. They will be sending out a special coupon through e-mail to everyone who signs up for their newsletter until the end of February.

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