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An ICT Perspective on Private v. Public Healthcare in Canada

This e-book examines the role of ICT in how the private/public health system debate in Canada plays out.

Saskatoon, Canada (PRWEB) January 15, 2006 -- Bankix Systems Ltd has released its new 68-page e-book, An ICT perspective on Private v. Public Healthcare in Canada. The e-book examines a kaleidoscopic health issue in Canada with a technology paradigm. It discusses the pros and cons of public and private health systems, and analyzes differing views on the debate.

It examines the effectiveness of the current health system and its challenges, if a parallel private healthcare system would be more effective in reducing wait times, and the overall costs of running a public versus a private health system. It also examines broader views regarding the interplay of political, social, economic, and technology forces in the success or otherwise of any health system, including in the financial rearrangement, insurance regulation and risk, and other issues that a shift to a private health system would engender.

The role that ICT plays in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery is no longer in doubt. The e-book explores the differences in approaches to ICT implementation between publicly vis-à-vis privately financed health systems and the consequences of these differences for their survival, competitiveness, and sustainability. It examines pertinent questions that arise thereof and seeks to provide answers to these and other important questions relevant to the debate.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, hospital CEOs, government agencies, software and ICT vendors, all other healthcare stakeholders, and members of the public interested in the private v. public health debate would find this e-book delightful to read.

Bankix Systems Ltd is a Canadian healthcare ICT consulting company that publishes online articles, reports, market and industry analyses, and books on healthcare ICT.

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