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PodcastEmpire Emerges as the Largest Podcast Directory in Canada

PodcastEmpire is the largest Podcast Directory in Canada, tracking most of the 250+ Canadian Podcasts available, and has become a significant player in the Global Podverse over the past year, boasting over 11,000 Podcast Shows and 115,000 tracked episodes.

Barrie, ON (PRWEB) February 28, 2006 -- Podcast Empire, a long term player in the Podverse, now tracks over 200 Canadian Podcasts and 11,000 Globally, making it one of the largest privately owned Podcast Directories on the Internet.

"Podcast Empire has made it easy for listeners to search through more than 11,000 Podcasts to find what you are looking for by offering easy to follow categories and advanced search functionality" says Brent Paine, Podcast Empire’s Director of Technology.

In just 6 short months Podcast Empire has emerged as one of the top Podcast Directories online, boasting over 110,000 current show episodes.

"We have had a wonderful reception from Podcasters and Podcast Listeners in North America and abroad right from the very beginning. In fact, our site traffic tripled every month for the first 5 months! All by Word-of-Mouth with no advertising. We have a wonderful group of people who appreciate what we are doing and have been spreading the word for us!" says co-founder Michael Valiant. "There are millions of Podcast Listeners and Creators now and we are proud to have been involved in helping and promoting that growth."

"Podcasting is going to change the way the world views and consumes their media. This is no fad, this is here to stay."

"One of the most incredible things about Podcasting is that anyone can do it! If you have something to say on a topic of interest to you, become a Podcaster! You don’t need fancy equipment or an expensive studio to launch your own radio show anymore."

"In fact, I launched my first Podcast using nothing more than the built-in microphone in my web-cam and some free software! And we use this kind of experience to provide how-to’s, and other training material to help anyone who wants to launch their own Podcast Show get started."

"Not only that, for people who have already created their own Podcasts we offer a host of services designed to help Podcasters run and promote their Shows!"

Podcast Empire provides marketing and search engine optimization services for Podcasters interested in increasing their site traffic; transcription and delivered news (sending you news that matters for your Show, so you don’t have to do the research) services as well as a variety of free tools.

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