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Housecleaning Guru Teaches Big Publishers a Thing or Two

Christina Spence, author of "The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning" reveals her unique mission to snag a publishing deal. 10,000 ebook sales - no sweat, says she! Learn how she's doing it, and why people love her quirky cleaning guide that embraces the SLOB within us all.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) March 2, 2006 -- Armed with a book too good to give up on, Christina Spence turned rejections from publishers into a personal challenge. On her website,  she's proving the value of The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning with the one thing publishers value most - sales. Thousands of sales.

“Literary agents and publishers loved the idea of 'The Happy Slob’s Guide to Housecleaning,' but they didn't want to take a chance on me until I was an established writer,” Spence says.

But, how does a writer become established unless an agent or publisher takes a chance on them? Now, on visitors can help Christina ‘Fight the Power’ and prove to publishers that consumers want her book, and that those publishers should too!

The 3-step Cleaning Solution is the core of The Happy Slob’s Guide to Housecleaning and is filled with practical tips, and good humor along the way. For all the ‘happy slobs’ out there – who enjoy a good cup of Java or great book more than slavishly scrubbing the tub – cleaning has finally come down to an attainable level.

This is not Grandma’s white glove cleaning routine! Spence boils the chores down to the essentials, and helps readers learn new, laid-back routines that take less time and effort. She also shares recipes for natural cleaners to replace harmful and pricey commercial varieties.

Visit today to download a copy of the ebook – and watch the numbers grow. (Ebook sales numbers are listed on the site, with the goal being 10,000 ebook sales.) While there, visitors can join the free weekly newsletter – the Happy Slob Gazette - filled with cleaning tips, humorous anecdotes, household tips and updates on her publishing mission.

Readers will learn how to keep their homes clean, not ‘obssessively germ-free’, and at the same time will help a funny and friendly writer on her way to published author-dom. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes online.

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