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Alberta: A Paradise on Earth

Alberta is a province located in the western part of Canada and surrounded by the provinces of British and Saskatchewan.  Having a capital named Edmonton, Alberta is very well-known due to the fact that it comprises 100 % of the oil sand deposits, 90 % of natural gas, 60 % of Canada’s conventional oil and 50 % of oil reserves.  As soon as visitors arrive to Alberta, they are provided with out-of-this-world beauty, which encompasses prehistoric hoodoos, amazing mountains and rolling foothills.  Also, Edmonton constitutes a great attraction by itself, since it offers fantastic places worth it to visit, including the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest entertainment and shopping facility making more than 800 stores and 110 restaurants available for you take pleasure in.

One amazing feature that makes from Alberta a spectacular tourist destination refers to the exceptional standard of living.  In addition, it is considered to be an exhilarating, immense backyard in which Albertans are allowed to enjoy.  Its protected areas and provincial parks are considered to be part of the group of the most stunning North American natural landscapes.  Among them, you can find the highest amount of dinosaur fossils, the worldwide unique boreal forest songbird observatory, majestic mountains, glaciers, aboriginal rock, pristine lakes and several other marvels.  It is estimated that, in 2005, Alberta received over 5 million visitors.  Among the best parks that you should not miss under any circumstances, Jasper, Banff, WatertonLakes and KananaskisCounty are outstanding.

Besides the incredible things you are able to see in a place comprising 2,300 hours of sunshine per year, 78,000 Km², 245 rivers and 600 lakes, you have also an endless list of recreational activities for you to enjoy them regardless of the time of the year.  Among these activities, you can take pleasure in golfing in 280 golf courses, fishing in crystal clear mountain lakes, canoeing, swimming, boating, archaeological expeditions in the badlands, skiing in 66 regional ski hills and 6 mountain ski resorts, hiking, photography, skating camping and rock climbing.  Hence, Alberta is really proud to tell you that it is going to be very difficult that you find another destination involving the wide-ranging variety and diversity of places, attractions and activities in just one place.  If you are looking for uniqueness and diversity, Alberta is the place of your dreams.  Make yours come true!

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