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British Columbia: Splendour Without Diminishment

British Columbia, B.C., is the name given to the westernmost province in Canada situated between the Pacific Ocean and the province of Alberta. At this province, you are able to enjoy a nice temperate climate and a broad diversity in all senses. The capital of British Columbia is called Victoria, which is located in Vancouver Island. Being the third most populated province in Canada, British Columbia relies on a population of 3,907,738. The fact that this province is the only place in which visitors are able to ski and play golf in the same day makes it a very well-known place in Canada.

In addition to fascinating natural marvels, at British Columbia, you are able to keep in contact with a place full of history, arts, gastronomic delights, sensual spas and cosmopolitan cities. The whole province is divided in six different major regions, which are the Northern British Columbia, the CaribooChilcotinCoast, Vancouver Island (Victoria & the GulfIslands), Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, Thompson Okanagan and Kootenay Rockies. Every single region is featured by different traits than make them unique and special.  Also, the same thing happens with the three core cities in British Columbia. These major cities, which are Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler, are also a good option for you if willing to know different places in order to have an unforgettable experience. 

The geography of British Columbia is amazing. This place relies on an impressive number of streams, rivers, marshes and lakes that confer you the opportunity of seeing abundant out-of-this-world wildlife. However, the story does not end there. Parks and protected areas constitute another important part of its geography. They allow ecosystem conservation, scientific study and education and outdoor recreation, which make them be a real valuable resource. Thus, come to British Columbia to feel the real power of nature and enjoyment.

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