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The Burchart Gardens: The Garden of Eden in Canada

The Butchart Gardens constitute a really incredible attraction in Vancouver Island, Canada. This place is very well-known due to the 55 acres of stunning floral display for you take pleasure in.  The place comprises beautiful paths and great lawn, in which you are able to see out-of-this-world views while taking one of their walks.  It is impressive how this attraction has been at public disposal for more than a century.  In spite of the fact that this is a place merely focused on fascinating gardens, they also pay especial attention to conferring their visitors the possibility of keeping in contact with gracious traditions in a place that is considered to be one of the most marvelous corners in the whole world.  Just for you to have an idea of how amazing this place is, you should know that, in 2004, these gardens were designated as a National Historic Site of Canada. 

One of the greatest features about Butchart is that, regardless of the time of the year, they have something special for you to enjoy.  Regarding the time of the day, it is recommended that you go there in the late afternoon, after 3 p.m.  In addition, during the summer time, they make fireworks shows available for you to enjoy the romantic Night Illuminations.  Besides, accommodation in the Victoria area is very comfortable and you can stay in good places if willing to get face to face with amazing flowers and gardens.  Moreover, many tourists who have been there on Christmas time definitely recommend this kind of visit.  Festive Christmas displays are very common and constitute a famous activity that visitors consider as full of tradition and magic. 

Summed up to all this, please expect to find in Butchart outdoor entertainment, a dining room restaurant, the Blue Poppy Restaurant, the coffee shop and the seed & gift store.  In addition, if you believe that going to Butchart Gardens means that your dog will have to stay home during the trip, you can relax since dogs are also admitted.  In the same way, they provide you with safe storage and they passports are not required as in other similar places.  Hence, no matter when or who you have planned to go, complete enjoyment is always guaranteed in Butchart Gardens.

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