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Nova Scotia: A Dreamy Place

Nova Scotia is the name given to a province on the North Atlantic coast of Canada, boasting a population of about 940,000, which is comprised in an area of around 55,500 Km².  With Halifax as its capital, this amazing province is annually visited by thousands of tourists due to the incredibly colorful and exuberant views the place offers.  As some provinces in Canada are considered to be bilingual, referring to English and French, Nova Scotia is also named Nouvelle-Ecosse.  In particular, this place relies on great culture and history that can be seen everywhere in this beautiful place. 

Furthermore, there are out-of-this-world attractions you are able to see there.  Just for you to have a remote idea of the immense variety of the place, these attractions range from natural wonders of land and sea to prehistoric fossils, including its cultural heritage at a 100% percent.  In this way, one of the attractions you should never miss is the Louisbourg National Historic Site.  Nevertheless, festival and events are also part of the features that make of Nova Scotia a real paradise on earth.  One of the most famous events of this kind refers to the Multicultural Festival in Dartmouth.  However, the story does not end there.  Besides all the nice features mentioned before, you also have different sorts of outdoor activities at your disposal.  Perhaps, the outdoor activity that visitors like the most is getting to discover the Cabot Trail, which is an exhilarating adventure.

If, by now, you feel you cannot wait more to go to Nova Scotia to, finally, have the most unforgettable trip of your life, there is good news for you. There are several tours operators willing to help you with that since they offer a really long list of packages ranging from excursions lasting a couple of days to step-on tours.  Moreover, they make different types of tours among which you may find cultural, educational and adventurous ones.  Do not forget to visit the Bras d'Or lakes, the puffins in the BirdIslands or go to the AnnapolisValley to try delicious wine.  Remember that it is all possible here, at Nova Scotia.

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