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Quebec: Providing You with Emotions

Geographically speaking, Quebec is the name that the largest province situated in the eastern part of Canada receives.  Compared with populous provinces, Quebec has been placed in the second position since it is the second biggest province boasting a population of 7,568,640 citizens, and in this way, it stands for the 24% of the entire Canadian population.  One very interesting feature about Quebec is that the core language there is French and not English as many people believe.  This is the reason why, in general, the greatest part of the North American Francophone population is concentrated there.  Quebec is also well-known due to the fact that they are considered the great route to the heart of North America.    

In addition, Quebec is also famous for being a great tourist destination since it offers 21 different tourist regions.  In spite of the fact that they are featured with different traits, they have amazing common features such as the St. Lawrence River, streams and lakes, virgin forests and mountains.  Besides, they are focused on a variety of peculiarities, including geography, culture, nature or history, which make of this country a really diverse, comprehensive destination.  This great place offers a wide range of attractions, among which you may find greenish parks, a garden view, casinos, art representations, museums, sanctuaries and churches, history of Quebec and ancestral riches.

Although you may believe that there a lot to see there, and you are right, the story does not end there since there are also lots of things to do in this exciting city named Quebec.  There, you have a broad diversity of  activities for you to select the ones that you feel more attracted to.  You are able to go on all sorts of excursion you can imagine no matter if it is by bike, horse or foot, glide over the snow, enjoy top-caliber golf, sleep in a tent, hunt, fish, get in direct contact with wildlife and take pleasure in nautical trips and adventures.  Hence, if you feel you need something new to make of your next vacations unforgettable, go to Quebec, which is more than you can imagine.   

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