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Mount Seymour: Fun, Excitement and Winter Activities

If you love snow, extreme sports like skiing and doing extraordinary things, you should, definitely, continue reading.  As everybody knows, Canada is a really comprehensive tourist destination, and because of that, in addition to its fascinating attractions, it is visited by thousands of tourists annually. One of the main ones refers to the Mount Seymour, which is a ski area situated in British Columbia, specifically, just 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.  This hill is placed within the Mount Seymour Provincial Park, that by the way, is an incredible place to visit.  Mount Seymour is considered to be a great winter wilderness mountain facility in which you are able to take pleasure in.

Opened in 1937, Mount Seymour offers 1700 centimeters or annual snowfall and about 330 meters of vertical drop.  The activities of snowboarding and skiing are at your disposal on 21 already determined trails and several other unmarked routes.  In addition, it also boasts an extra terrain parks in order to confer you the possibility of doing half-pipe and freestyle activities.  In other terrains, tobogganing and snowtubing can also be done.  A 10 Km network allows you to practice snowshoeing no matter if it is guided or unguided.      

This incredible attraction named Mount Seymour, boasts three different weather stations.  Two of them are at the bottom and near tower 9 of the Mystery Peak Chairlift respectively, and the other one is below Brockton Point.  Usually, the Mount has, as an approximate, a 500 cm-snow depth or even more at the Brockton weather station.  It is crucial for you to know that Mount Seymour is designated for all the family to enjoy everything they offer featured by a very friendly service which is the one you deserve.  Do not miss the opportunity of having the trip of your life and come to Mount Seymour.

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