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Ontario: A Comprehensive Destination!

With Toronto as its capital, Ontario is considered to be the most populated of the ten provinces in Canada.  In addition, the capital of Canada, Ottawa, is also situated in Ontario.  In general, the population of Ontario, which is about 12,449,502, represents 39% of the whole Canadian population.  This means that Ontario is home for one out of three people in Canada.  This really diverse province is well-known for its industry, science and arts.  Ontario is, as well, a place that is full of contrasts since it offers around 250,000 lakes, different cultures expressions such as the German and West Indian festivals, exhilarating landscapes, varied sorts of industries including crops cultivation, mineral mining, automobile manufacturing and software designing among many others. 

Since continental erosion and uplift, glaciers movement and wind actions, gravity, water and waves are the responsible factors of having such fantastic landforms in Ontario, every single geographical attraction.  In this sense, the Canadian Shield, which is the largest formation or rock in Canada, is an attraction you should never miss.  Furthermore, one incredible feature about this province is its climate.  Ontario’s climate is humid continental in the southern part offering warm summers, high levels of humidity and chilly winters, and in the north, the climate gets to be subarctic. 

Moreover, Ontario is really rich regarding natural resources.  Among them, you are able to find an impressive amount of water and lakes, forests, wildlife and fishing, protected areas and provincial parks, mining and minerals and energy.  Is not it amazing to think about the fact that the rivers, streams and lakes in Ontario constitute about one third of the fresh water of the entire world?  Now you have a clearer idea of why Ontario is considered as a comprehensive and diverse place, and perhaps the most important, why it is an appropriate place for you to make your vacation dreams come true.  You have the opportunity in your hands; so, do not hesitate to take it because you will never regret.                  

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