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Saskatchewan: A Diverse and Welcoming Place

This Canadian province is bordered to the east and west by the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta, to the south by the North American states of North Dakota and Montana and, finally, to the north by Nunavut and Canada's North West Territories. The name of the city “Saskatchewan” comes from a Plains Indian word that referred to the major river of the region: kisiskatchewan “the river that flows swiftly”. This is a place greatly rich in cultural diversity; a combination of European and Aboriginal heritage allows us today meet people welcoming and easy going. Besides the people, attractions such as natural oddities, science centers, historic sites, healing spas, Waterparks are part of the reasons that make Saskatchewan one of the best options in Canada.

Regardless of the time of the year you visit the province, you will never get bored since more than 600 events including multicultural and jazz festivals, rodeos, fishing derbies, exhibitions and more are realized throughout the year. If you prefer outdoor activities, then, you are done. Unforgettable experiences such as riding on horseback, spending a day on the beach or hiking across the forest are available for you to spend a memorable vacation. Do not miss the chance to visit one of the 2 national or 34 provincial parks and take pleasure in breathing fresh air while visiting the forests, beaches, campsites and cottages.

Saskatchewan is pleased to receive foreigners. For this reason, it offers different choices regarding accommodations, transportation, and other products and services you need to enjoy your time there. Concerning accommodations, you can stay on your own camper or choose from economic to four-start hotels and resorts. Since the province is large, it provides good transportation services for you to keep moving. The variety of attractions and activities you will find can fulfill even the most demanding tourist’s demands. Saskatchewan is a place to be visited. Do not think it twice, just do it!

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