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Paramount Canada's Wonderland: The Best of Hollywood Entertainment!

If you are looking for a place where you can have the most unforgettable vacation time accompanied by all your family and friends, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is, definitely, the place for you.  If you are interested in getting to know a place where fantasy gets intermingled with reality and where you feel like living a dream, then, continue reading and learn more about a really amazing attraction.  This stunning complex is an amusement park located in Vaughan, Ontario, which is a suburb to the north of Toronto.  It is estimated that this amusement park is now offering over 200 attractions, including more than 60 thrill rides and 14 roller-coasters allowing the park to be the third park of North America boasting more roller-coasters.  All this is comprised in a 330 acre-area of land encompassing a 20 acre-area waterpark named Splash Works.

Among the themes they use for the different attractions of the complex, you can find the International Street, the Medieval Faire, the Nickelodeon Central, Kidzville, Splash Works, the International Festival, Hanna-Barbera Land, the White Water Canyon, and the Grande World Exposition of 1890.  Besides the roller-coasters and the water slides, they also make flat rides available.  Nonetheless, little children are also able to take pleasure in several attractions that have been designed especially for them.

However, since Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is a very comprehensive park, they have paid particular attention to specific details that, normally, people use to think of until the moment they get to the complex.  This is the reason why this great amusement park confers you incredible opportunities difficult to find in some other similar places.  For instance, they offer guest services, including first aid, infant care centers, wheelchairs, Guest Lockers and wagons and strollers rentals.  In addition, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland is well-prepared to receive and serve guests with disabilities.  Other miscellaneous services you have at your disposal are dinning, pet care and parking.  Thus, if you expect to have a trip in which your children enjoy themselves as never before, you cannot miss going to the Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.  They will always remember that! 

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