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Northwest Territories A Wild Way to Travel

The Northwest Territories is a ground of contrasts. It is 1.17 million square kilometers of forests, tundra and mountains filled by natural, uncontaminated rivers supplying hundreds of immaculate lakes. More than 40,000 people reside in the middle of this rocky natural magnificence.

Nature is in equilibrium there. You can observe extraordinary wildlife kinds, from white whales to white wolves, and see groups of bison, marauding bears, caribou and moose by the hundreds. This is the territory where the world's most excellent northern lights dance during the shady winter months and where the sun in no way rests during the summer.

Campers in the North Slave Region can store a campground or kitchen refuge, more than 7 days and up to 9 months in advance. The greatest Canada has to provide amazing locations as: canoeing pristine waters, views of a dazzling northern lights display, relaxing at a remote wilderness lodge and hunt and fish in an unspoiled land. Travel the Northwest Territories of Canada and discover the legend.

Northwest Territories also has some attractions as: impressive rivers, magnificent lakes, the vast natural waterways, the Mackenzie Mountains, the Barrenlands, the Arctic Coast wonders, the overwhelming displays of the Aurora Borealis and a the comfort of a winter lodges or a isolated wilds lake.

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