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Globus Journeys: The Best Vacations in Canada!

With almost 80 years of experience, the company founded by famous Antonio Mantegazza has become one of the largest guided travel companies around the world. Globus Journeys is a family owned company that many travelers prefer thanks to the innumerable travel possibilities that they offer in six continents. With about 5,000 professionals and more than 32 aviation and independent tourism companies around the world, Globus is a world leader in tourism. It enjoys of a grand prestige in the tourism industry and it is a living example of the dream of a man as Mantegazza comes true. The success of the company is thanks to three generations that have followed the hard work, vision, commitment and love for the travel business of their founding father.

Certainly, you will be satisfied with the great tourist packages that Globus offers to travel and explore Canada. This company will help you so that you fully enjoy the Canadian natural and cultural attractions. In addition, they will arrange your ideal vacation in any place you prefer across the country. You will be able to pick from the breathtaking and majestic Rockies to the skyscrapers and fun of the biggest Canadian cities. Moreover, you will be fascinated with the variety of Canadian culture and tasty cuisine. Therefore, do not miss your opportunity and travel to Canada with Globus Journeys, the best travel experience ever!

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