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Boundless Journeys: Unlimited Adventure

This company wants to help the travelers feel a special connection with the countries of destination. Boundless Journeys thinks that a specific kind of travel is unnecessary to enjoy a trip.

The places where Boundless goes are chosen based on the beauty and culture of the country. Cultural and conservation groups like the World Wildlife Federation, The Charles Darwin Foundation, UNESCO, The Nature Conservancy and others are supported by Boundless Journeys.

Every country has amazing and unique attractions. Canada is certainly not the exception and Boundless is aware of this.

In Canada, the company offers adventures such as Canadian Rockies, Canadian Rockies Backcountry, Vancouver Island and Québec.

The Boundless Journeys trips to the Canadian Rockies are unforgettable; there, you will be able to take hiking trails in the astonishing Banff & Jasper National Parks. The Canadian Rockies Backcountry trip does not have to envy any other tour; if you choose it you can back-country hike in the enormous full of snow peaks of the Canadian Rockies; a place that can be reached by helicopter. The Canadian Rockies are full of voluble rivers, never-ending forests and colorful lakes.    

Kayaking in Québec is possible with Boundless Journeys. Imagine yourself enjoying the view of the spectacular coasts of this place while discovering more of the natural maritime beauty that it has. Hiking there is another option that will allow you to admire a magnificent sight.

Vancouver Island is among the preferred trips because it is a place that combines peace and beauty. Campfires can be organized in the evenings.

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