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Adventure Center: Redefining Travel

The foundation of the success of Adventure Travel has been the philosophy that the company has maintained for 30 years: a person that travels with this company has to dip in the place where he or she is traveling, acknowledge the culture, people and wildlife of the country.

A travel with Adventure Center combines affordable prices with superlative enjoyment. The company has more than 1,000 vacation packages. The trips are responsible, help the inhabitants of the destinations and protect the environment. If you like to travel in small groups, Adventure Center guarantees that the groups will have between 8 and 24 English speaking people from many countries.

Adventure Center offers trips to Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, the South Pacific, the Middle East and Antarctica. The North American trips of the company include Canada and the United States.

If you decide to go to Canada, never forget that Adventure Center gives you several options: Rockies Escape, the Canadian Discovery Family Adventure, the Canadian Rockies, Atlantic Maritimes, the Canadian Parks Walk, the Canadian Mountain Bike Tour, Circumnavigate Newfoundland, and the Western Canada Pioneer Family Adventure, among others.     

The biking trips of Adventure are always a popular choice; some of these trips are the Vancouver Island – Wilderness and Wildlife and the Vancouver, Whistler & the Northshore tour.

The world is there, Adventure Center can show it to you. Travel with them and witness for yourself why the company enjoys so much success and prestige.

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